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Cell phone charging

Our cell phone charging bikes are perfect for conventions, festivals and all-day events where people need a place to recharge their phones and bodies. A single rider can easily generate the power to charge up to 8 USB devices at a time.

sLEDgehammer challenge

The game is like the classic carnival sledgehammer competition except here the hammer is a bike and the ding of the bell is an illuminated LED tower.

Christmas tree

The pedal-powered Christmas tree stands (tall) for community, sustainability and everything positive about the season. And just like Santa’s sleigh, it’s energized by movement.

Energy awareness

This activity is great for corporate events, schools or community workshops. Sustainability + Education equals Energy Appreciation

Pedal-in cinema

Give your guests the satisfaction of knowing they didn’t just sit through their favorite film, but powered their way through it.

Sound systems

Imagine a concert powered by the cleanest and best source of power available: people.

Kids parties:

Everyone loves a party even more when it’s powered by bicycle!

School workshops

This is an interactive and educational experience that demonstrates the possibilities of human power and other alternative energy sources.

Spin Art

Spin Art is interactive, colorful, creative, peaceful, and inspiring.

Bubble machine

This hand-powered activity is a blast, and great for younger kids who may not be tall enough to reach bike pedals.