Forget about forgettable events

Smoothie bikes are eye-catching, engaging and perfect for
promoting a healthy lifestyle for all ages.

The cure for the common event

Ever wonder if something was missing from your last event, like energy for example? A bike-powered event is full of energy—in the form of engaging conversation, full-throated laughter, confident shouts of satisfaction and a general vibe of childlike glee elicited by spontaneous smoothie-churning bike races.

Green energy is fun energy

Smoothie bikes spin messages about healthy eating, exercise and sustainability into something memorable and tangible.

Mixing, laughing, sharing, repeating

Parking two bikes together means you can hold blender races and pit your guests against each other in the quest for the perfect smoothie.

Conferences and expos

Our blender bikes are so unique they stop people in their tracks, making it easy for your sales team to start a conversation. They can:
  • Transform your booth into a dynamic point of focus
  • Be used as a unique marketing tool to engage your audience
  • Be customised with your logo and made into an immersive marketing tool

Brand activations and openings

Associate your company with health, fun and sustainability
  • Attract and engage potential customers with a fun activity
  • Enthusiastic consumers make great brand ambassadors and play a big role in promoting your brand’s image. Give them an experience to remember and they’ll spread the word for you #bikeblender

Festivals and nonprofit fundraisers

What’s more fun than riding a bike? Knowing there's a smoothie waiting for you at the end of the ride. Smoothie bike events get people moving and engaged, which draws a crowd in itself.

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Pricing & Rentals

Our happy clients include

Wheely Good Smoothies is outstanding! Anyone who works on events knows how stressful it can be, but they made it so easy. The bike we rented was beautiful, simple to operate, mess free and such a hit!

- Taylor C

Great experience working with Wheely Good Smoothies. Everything went smooth from start to finish. They were on time, made set up easy and provided all sorts of tips. The bikes are a very unique, fun way to engage with customers and they make delicious smoothies as well! I highly recommend for your next event as a way to build buzz and provide a tasty healthy product.

- Brian B

Great customer service! Fantastic to work with!  The bike was brought on site and they took the time to make sure I understood how to operate it comfortably. I would definitely use them again!

- Alexa M

I wanted to get the smoothie bikes for an event I hosted at Montgomery College. The event was an awareness campaign for veganism, specifically focused on health/fitness. It ended up being a big success! We even ran out of smoothie ingredients before we expected to because of how popular the bikes were.

- Stevie F